Our 30 years experience in the field has enabled us to move swiftly to respond to the Covid-19 situation:

  • We have increased our output of meals by 150% to 5,000 plates daily, with the capacity to do far more
  • We have rapidly built a remote office infrastructure that enables volunteers to assist in supporting the project from home
  • We have recruited new kitchen volunteers and doubled our operational hours
  • We have already partnered with over 30 community groups and hubs to deliver our meals to those in need, and are looking to partner with many more
  • We have increased our on-street distribution for people without accommodation
  • We have assisted local authorities, tenant and housing associations, NHS hospitals and numerous independent community-based groups

On this website you can:

  • Find out a little more about us
  • Contact us as a community hub requesting free service from us
  • Donate to us
  • Register to volunteer with us

Lots more tools and useful stuff coming as soon as we get a minute!  Thanks so much for your support!