Food For All: The UKs Largest Free Meal Provider

This video was made at our Holborn kitchen prior to the pandemic. All of our volunteers follow Covid safety protocols. Video by students of Middlesex University.

Serving Through The Pandemic

  • We are entirely volunteer run and managed
  • We are praised for the value-for-money we provide from public donations
  • We have remained open throughout the pandemic
  • We have increased our service to provide 5,000 free hot meals each day, 6 days a week in London
  • We have partnered with grassroots community projects around the capital to get our meals to where they are needed
  • In the past 12 months we have started new services in Manchester, Stoke, Glasgow and Carmarthen
  • We have also built upon existing services in Reading, Watford, Glastonbury, Bristol, Coventry and Aberystwyth
  • We hope to bring our project to every town and city around the UK

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