We are working each and every day to reach the maximum number of meals we can serve to those most in need during the Covid-19 crisis.

Currently, our incredible team of kitchen staff and volunteers are bringing over 4000 meals daily to the vulnerable, isolated and homeless of London. But we can still do much, much more. We aim to produce a maximum of 20,000 meals per day, in order to support as many people in London as we’re capable of.

We have the people, we have the facilities and we have the infrastructure to achieve this goal. However we are in desperate need of the funds necessary to produce meals at such an unprecedented scale. Providing a single individual with a single meal costs us 12.5p, based on the costs of food sourcing, energy consumption, equipment, packaging and fuel for deliveries. This means we require £2,500 to provide 20,000 meals for one single day. We therefore need £15,000 in order to provide this quantity six days per week and over £60,000 per month.

With your support, we will meet these challenges and come together to provide aid across all of our communities, supporting as many vulnerable people as we can throughout this incredibly difficult period.

We are currently accepting donations via JustGiving or PayPal. Your support during this time is sincerely appreciated.