About Us

Food For All is an entirely volunteer run and managed food relief charity based in central London which currently provides 5,000 free meals a day to community groups and local authorities, as well as on the streets for people without accommodation.

With 30 years experience, no salary overhead and careful attention to limiting environmental impact, Food For All is an incredibly efficient operation, and has been commended as providing excellent value for money, as well as winning numerous awards down the years.

We deliver on many of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals with one simple project. Most transportation within the ULEZ zone is achieved by bicycle rickshaw, and the project re-purposes vast amounts of fresh produce that would otherwise go to rot.

Our open-door policy allows individuals and teams to come in to help chop vegetables and transport food, as well as to provide admin back-up, after some basic training. Under our charity umbrella, others have set up similar projects in 10 UK cities. Our model is flexible, responsive and expandable almost exponentially.

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