Working With The Public

First Aid

This online course will give you an awareness of First Aid in the workplace. To become a fully qualified first-aider, you will need to complete training at a local college which we will be happy to arrange for you. Ideally at least one person present in the kitchen at all times will have completed the online course. Full qualification is optional, but is highly recommended for those interested.

To sign up for the online course, please complete the form below. Once you have completed this, please contact us if you are interested to progress to full qualification.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

This online course is vital training for all those working with adults who are vulnerable to physical, emotional, financial or sexual abuse through reason of physical or mental health issues, addiction issues, autism spectrum conditions, homelessness or other factors. There are three levels of the course designed for on-the-ground volunteers, service supervisors and project managers. Each course is taken step-by-step up to the required level.

Sign up below to start the process of certification for safeguarding:


Counselling courses are expensive and therefore we cannot offer them to everyone who might want to take one. However, we would like to hear from you if this is something you are interested in training for. Some skills in counselling are particularly useful for anyone in a supervisory role, taking care of volunteers.

Becoming a fully qualified counsellor, e.g. a counsellor working in the NHS, takes 3 years and costs around £3,500. It is a serious undertaking and is not necessarily suitable for all of those who feel they might like to attempt the course.

However, the initial level 2 and 3 diplomas are more broadly suitable, and upon gaining level 3 certification, you are qualified to work over the telephone and online with clients on an ad-hoc basis. Full 3 year, level 4 qualification is required for recognition as a professional counsellor.

If you would like more information please contact Rob directly at – Rob has previously studied counselling to level 3 and has given seminars to level 4 counselling and level 5 psychotherapy students on subject matters related to the autism spectrum.

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