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There are so many unique volunteering roles at Food For All that there’s no way of knowing what a committed volunteer might eventually find themselves doing if they are interested to work with us on a deeper level. But we also enthusiastically welcome volunteers who, for reasons of time pressure, can only help out on an ad-hoc basis.

When you initially sign up with us as a volunteer, you will sign up for an account with us on our online system. This enables us to start interacting with you about any training that might be required if you decide to make a regular commitment to us. You are welcome to come in and get involved practically from day one, and get a sense of what we are about. Hopefully you will also find interesting people to talk with on our online system who are already volunteering with us… you can ask them any questions you might have using our in-house chat and messaging service.

At ground level, our wonderful kitchen and distribution volunteers do the real work of making our project happen. Here in the background, our team of experienced office and IT volunteers work from home to try and make sure we keep the wheels turning from an administrative and financial point of view.

You are welcome to ‘taste a sample’ of working with us in any of these roles:

  • Preparing & packing meals at our Holborn (City Of London) or Watford kitchens
  • Delivering meals in your car, on your bike or even riding one of our rickshaws
  • Handing out meals at one of our food distribution points around London
  • Helping out at Gokula cafe in Watford
  • Helping with basic admin tasks at home on your computer… this can progress to roles with more responsibility

If you are interested in any of these roles, please sign up for an online account with us today using the links provided. We are of course very happy to answer any enquiries you have before registering your interest with us!


Our famous giant pot

At our kitchens we prepare and pack thousands of hot meals every day. Kitchen volunteers help us each day with food prep, packing and labelling individual meal boxes and cleaning. Since the beginning of 2021 the bulk of our operation has moved to a brand-new purpose-built kitchen in Watford. We still use our old Holborn kitchen as a base to organise onward distribution in inner London. You may volunteer at either.

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Every day we deliver meals to other organisations, food banks and community groups who distribute them locally to those they support.

These deliveries require a car, van or rickshaw bike, as they are all bulk deliveries of meals packed into crates.

We also deliver meals to the homes of vulnerable individuals. Meals can be collected from our kitchen or from our Camden Hub in NW1 and delivered by bike or on foot.

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Around the neighbourhood

On-street distribution

Out on the street

As well as delivering meals to other organisations and to homes, we also hand meals out on the street every day around London and 3 days a week at Gokula cafe, Watford.

We serve many distribution hubs around London, as well as distributing meals to the homeless regularly around central London, by van or rickshaw. Helping out with these would involve serving meals out directly to those on the street, or bagging up meals to hand out for later. We serve from our doorstep at the Gokula cafe.

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Gokula Cafe, Watford

Our Gokula Cafe in Watford serves our free hot meals 3 times a week along with cakes and fruit to local people in need.

The cafe serves at the doorstep to minimise Covid risks. A limited number of volunteers work inside at any one time. PPE is provided and volunteers must declare that they and their household ‘bubble’ are symptom-free before starting each shift.

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Keep things going at the cafe

Remote Support

Help us wherever you are

Not everyone can be out on the ground preparing and distributing meals. We never want that to stop keen volunteers from getting involved, wherever they are.

We have a variety of areas you can offer support with, including fundraising, recruiting new volunteers, researching new service partners and general administrative tasks.

Commitment can be as little as 1 hour on a one-off task, and if you want to get more deeply involved then there are roles needing greater commitment.

We’ll help you set up on our Food For All intranet so that you can see what tasks are not yet assigned and find the information you need to complete them.

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