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Just fill in this form and we will post your content to our social media channels for you. If you leave the date section blank, we will post this for you as soon as possible, alternatively you can use this feature to ask us to schedule a post for the future (e.g. for an event).

Which FFA project is this social media post going to be about?
What's the subject of the post?
If you're not so confident, we can edit this at our end before posting - if you're not sure what to say, just give us the rough idea and we can write something for you.
Hashtags are a bit like "index labels" that help other people find our information, so if you wanted to tell people about a weekly meal service to a hostel in Newcastle, the hashtags could be #freemeals, #newcastle, #foodpoverty, #feedingbritain - you can add your own or we can add them for you.
Want to send viewers to a particular web page, perhaps to ask for a donation? You can add this or we can add for you.
If you've uploaded a video to a channel on YouTube, Vimeo or other similar service, give us the link for it here.
Drop your files here or click here to upload You can upload up to 3 files.
Please upload up to three photos which best fit with your post. Maximum file size 20MB per photo.
Please ensure the video title is the same or similar to the title given above. The email address for the WeTransfer download link is contact@foodforalluk.com

We need YOUR stories on OUR channels…

All FFA Connect members are actively encouraged to submit ideas for social media posts and articles. A good quality picture is an essential part of any social media post, and you can upload your pictures here. Video makers can submit their work to us via wetransfer.com after completing the Upload Form.

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