Safety And Hygiene Admin Support

Job Description

  • Keep up-to-date with the most current general and Covid-specific guidance on safety and hygiene
  • Assist the managers in reviewing safety and hygiene policies and statements
  • Prepare the relevant documents in liaison with managers


  • Communicate with managers regularly

Special Notes

  • Responsibility for setting and implementing health & safety and health & hygiene standards rests with the director, the kitchen manager and the Covid-19 response co-ordinator
  • This is strictly an admin support role 
  • Must have some prior knowledge of health & safety and health & hygiene procedures in kitchens and catering


  • Covid-19 response co-ordinator

We are not currently accepting applications for this team, but please do follow us on social media as we make regular call-outs for remote volunteers.  Keep your eye on announcements from us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram