Make Your Own Local Project

These volunteers formed a group to distribute sanitary products to homeless people and people in need during the lockdown, using Food For All’s network and resources.

Food For All projects come in all shapes and sizes…

No project is too small!

Food For All projects are all entirely unique, from weekly hostel runs in Stoke, to street and hub services in London, to a high-volume mega-kitchen in Watford. If you want to cook and distribute food for us, from as little as 10 meals a week as a team of one to begin with, we’re here to support you.

It’s not as complicated as you might think…

And we are here to guide you through it!

Our core volunteer team have had 20 or 30 years of experience apiece in setting up and running local food and community projects. We want to share that experience with you and help you to create your own local project at any scale…. even 10 or 20 free meals a week to a local hostel can make a bigger difference to people’s lives than you might first think.

We welcome any enquiries from people interested in starting projects with us anywhere in the UK. You can contact us using the menu option above. There may be a delay in replying as you might expect in the present circumstances, but we will do our best to get back to you within a couple of weeks. Tell us as much as you can about what you’d like to do in your initial message to us.

Later in 2021, we hope to launch a new scheme, “DIY FFA” which will offer a treasure trove of online information, advice and personal support from our team for those starting out as community groups or teams of friends and hoping to make a difference. In the meantime, as we finalise the scheme, we most certainly welcome any groups brave enough to test out the new systems we are building online (in “beta” mode, as they say).

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