Individual Referrals

Job description:

  • Monitor incoming referrals for individual help on a frequent basis (at least a few times a week)
  • Identify if any local support available through us, or if not, if there are community groups we’re not yet connected to that might be able to help
  • Document progress and follow up to ensure that at least someone in a position to help is working on the case


  • Access to data will be limited, but you must be aware that the sharing of any confidential personal information is subject to legal regulations (check with us in cases of doubt)
  • To work thoroughly but also patiently, and not to take on too much emotionally, but to just do what you can
  • Work together and communicate effectively with any other volunteers working on individual referrals 


  • Covid-19 response co-ordinator

We are not currently accepting applications for this team, but please do follow us on social media as we make regular call-outs for remote volunteers.  Keep your eye on announcements from us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram