Healthy Eating


In 2017, only 29% of UK adults were eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day

Insufficient nutrition in our diets causes health problems for us both now and in the future.  Poverty and stress are some of the reasons why we do not eat healthily, as well as a reliance on meat as the main item on the menu, which in itself is incredibly environmentally harmful.  But for many people, not knowing how to cook healthily and tastily is the biggest obstacle to eating well.  Access to suitable kitchens in cramped accommodation and time pressures on busy lives are other key factors. 

At Food For All we prepare vegetarian meals according to Ayurvedic traditions stretching back thousands of years.  Every ingredient has nutritional benefits and nothing artificial is used in the cooking process.  Each plate of food we provide contains everything the body and mind need to function well, and for some homeless people and impoverished students, our meals are the only decent meals that they eat.  


Coming soon!  Recipes to try at home!