Put the food on the table

Although we are very lucky to receive so many donations of produce and dry ingredients, we still have to spend thousands of pounds every month on rice, dal, cooking gas, vehicles and other essential running costs.

That’s where you come in.

A few ideas to get you started

No idea is too crazy for consideration at Food For All, so whatever ways you can think of to raise money, we want to hear about them!  We can work with you to turn your fundraising ideas into reality.

Get Active

If you are the sporty kind, consider raising money through sponsorship for an event… we have received money through everything from workplace treadmill challenges to marathon runs and bike rides.

Get Social

Fun events are always a great way to raise money, from office quiz night get-togethers to full-on Christmas spectaculars.  One major bank even held a special Diwali lunchtime event on their trading floor!  

Get Creative

Whatever your creative impulse, perhaps you can lend it to our cause.  In fact, we work with a number of musicians and artists.  Whether you want to throw a rave, a rock gig or a gallery opening, it’s all good with us.

Get Knocking!

Some people volunteer for us simply by knocking on their neighbours’ and colleagues’ doors, explaining the work that we do, and encouraging people to donate.  We can give you the tools you need to raise money.

Feeling inspired?  Contact us and get involved!