Food Handling

Food Hygiene Level 2

This government recognised certificate is essential for anyone working regularly in one of our kitchens. Volunteers who do not have this certificate are only legally permitted to perform tasks such as veg prep or packing, and only then under the supervision of someone who is certified. Ideally a volunteer will have earned this certificate within a week of starting with us. We will of course make exceptions in the current circumstances where volunteers do not have a lot of time, but it is expected that every regular volunteer should be certified.

If you already have this certificate, please can you send a digital copy to us at for our records.

If not, you can register here for an online course at Eversley Training. Simply give us your username and email address, and we will get back to you with details of how to access the course, read the material and take the test.

This is not a test of academic ability, and anyone with a standard secondary school education even without GCSEs will be able to succeed with it provided they have read the material carefully. The whole course plus the test takes most people less than the 2 hours suggested time to complete.

To sign up to get your certificate, and to get help along the way, fill in the form below for our office:

Food Hygiene Level 3

At least one person present in the kitchen at all times should hold a level 3 certificate. This certificate covers issues such as stock management, premises management, and so forth. Everyone in a managerial role in one of our operations teams should hold this certificate.

To sign up for your short online course, and to get support to complete the certification, fill in the form here for our office team:

Food Allergy Awareness Course

This additional course should be taken by anyone planning menus at any one of our operations. This is extremely important information, and we expect anyone involved in menu planning to have taken this course.

To sign up, ah, you already know what to do….

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