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If you know how to use Facebook, you’ll find our in-house team communications system very similar, with one distinction…. no distractions! Simply follow this step-by-step guide to get signed up and ready to use our FFA Connect service. Allow yourself 20 minutes or so to follow this simple tutorial below when you first register, and you will be able to find your own way around in no time! A video version of this tutorial is in the pipeline… please bear with us for now!

Before we begin… helpful hints for mild to moderate technophobes!

  • You might find it handy to keep this tutorial page open in one tab (on your internet browser, e.g. Chrome, Safari, etc.)
  • Open a second tab or window to try out the 10 simple tasks below, so that you can swap back and forth to follow the tutorial
  • If you click on the register or login links below, a second page will open automatically for you
  • Why not ask a bored but helpful young relative or friend to talk you through it…?
  • Or if you really get stuck, just drop us a message at foodforalluk.com/contact

Extreme case?

  • If you totally hate all of this kind of stuff with a vengeance, then we will let you off… if you could just manage the first step below, we would be very grateful.

1. Register for an account

  • Visit foodforalluk.com/register
  • Complete the application form
  • Please note that choosing a strong password helps protect both you and our system
  • Once you submit the form you will be sent a secure activation email
  • Click the link inside the email and you are ready to start using FFA Connect

2. Login to FFA Connect

  • Visit foodforalluk.com/login
  • Enter your username and password
  • Tick the box to remember your login details, this will log you in automatically in future on this device

3. Add your profile pictures

  • On the top menu bar, hover on the FFA CONNECT tab, and then click on PROFILE
  • Click here on the PROFILE page that opens for the Settings menu…
  • On the dropdown Settings menu that opens, click Change Avatar
  • You can also click to add or alter your pictures and other information on the left hand side of Settings pages (picture buttons highlighted below)…

4. Find Your Friends

  • On the top menu bar, hover on the FFA CONNECT tab, and then click on MEMBERS
  • You will find a full list of all the members of FFA Connect
  • You can scroll through the list, sort it in different ways, and search it using the search bar
  • Add your friends
  • Once they accept your request, you will be able to see their news updates, and they will be able to see yours

5. Post Your First News Update

  • On the top menu bar, hover on the FFA CONNECT tab, and then click on PROFILE
  • Your news feed will appear
  • Post as you would to any other social media channel, add photos, links, and so forth
  • THE GOLDEN RULE: FFA Connect is a safe, happy space for everyone from all walks of life and backgrounds to co-operate together. No political, religious or other arguments, or label-based discriminatory behaviour of any kind will be tolerated. Offenders will be taken aside for a quiet word, repeat offenders will have their accounts deleted.

Congratulations… you made it half way through the tutorial!

If, like us, you have come from the analogue era, well done… treat yourself to a 5 minute break and finish the rest in a little while (but don’t forget to complete the steps!)

6. See What Your Friends Are Doing

More tutorial coming very shortly…

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