Environmental Issues


10 million tons of food is wasted in the UK yearly, and 70% of this waste can be avoided

With food poverty such an issue in the UK, it may shock you to learn just how much food is pointlessly wasted each year, often for nonsensical reasons such as that a piece of fruit or vegetable isn’t quite the right shape for retail buyers, or is superficially marked in some way.  We can use this produce to make healthy meals for people who really need them.

But this isn’t the only area of environmental concern where Food For All is active.

We try to ensure that every aspect of our operation has the minimum level of environmental impact possible.  Whether it’s our longstanding commitment never to use plastic cutlery or plates, our work on composting and recycling, our use of bicycle rickshaws to deliver food whenever possible, or our planned new fleet of electric vans, we do our best at each individual stage of our process to work in the most efficient, economic and ecologically aware manner.

This is a principle that we take very seriously as a charity that is trying to represent best practice in society.  Environmental protection has been integral to the organisational culture at Food For All for decades, winning us commendations such as Novelis Recycling Initiative Of The Year and the City Of London Sustainable Cities Award.

We were proud to support protesters in the recent Extinction Rebellion and provided 15,000 hot meals across 5 locations in central London during the period of the demonstration.