Delivery Network Co-ordination

Job description:

  • Organising the weekly collection & delivery schedule to both hubs and homes.
  • Coordinating with delivery volunteers to make sure all deliveries are covered each day.


  • Keeping the delivery schedule up to date, adding and removing deliveries based on referrals and communications from the hub relationships coordinator.
  • Coordinating with the kitchen to make sure that all collections (from volunteers and hubs who collect themselves) are organised efficiently.
  • Managing the delivery Telegram groups and helping delivery volunteers in these groups with any queries or issues they have.
  • Liaising with the delivery volunteers to find last-minute cover in the event that a volunteer has to cancel.


  • Covid-19 response co-ordinator

We are not currently accepting applications for this team, but please do follow us on social media as we make regular call-outs for remote volunteers.  Keep your eye on announcements from us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram