Changing Attitudes In Our Society


Our planet is closer to the brink than ever before… it takes all of us to work together to protect it for everyone.

Food is the basis of life, and a sustainable food supply for every single person on earth depends on a healthy ecosystem with thriving diversity.  This in turn depends upon much more careful management of resources and demands in industrial and tech based societies.  Our humble project tackles just one part of this equation, but it is also a template for a better way for businesses, charities and commnuity organisations to work together to make a start on doing something practical about the realworld issue of deprivation in a society of waste.  Part of our job at Food For All is to present this model to the wider community and to policy makers and government agencies.


We campaigned successfully at both the UK and European levels to require companies to re-distribute useable food waste to good causes, and have even provided our food service by invitation at the European Parliament for an awareness raising event.


Amongst our many projects, we maintain an educational eco-garden on the outskirts of Watford that is visited by thousands of school-children a year as part of their curriculum.


We have fought and won battles with officials and businesses who have tried to disrupt our service as part of their strategy of cutting local support for the homeless and those in hardship, in order to “move the problem on elsewhere.”


Hundreds of volunteers from city firms volunteer with us every year and many report that their experience has affected their outlook on the issues we work to address.