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It seems that there is some official delay in getting lists of those self-isolating to charities like us. This could be because of data protection rules, or DBS checks for volunteers, or some similar thing. They’re not to be blamed, it’s just they aren’t used to working in situations like this.
So we need to bypass the bureaucracy on this one. We need a bit of trust, and a bit of self-policing.
If you are living in the boroughs of Camden or Islington and you know someone that needs help, you will be able to register them directly with us from lunchtime, for a service starting on Monday.
If you are a community group based in the boroughs of Camden or Islington and you know of people that need help, you will be able to submit lists to us by email.
If you would like to volunteer to help get meals out, please register now at foodforalluk.com/volunteer
If you come to us as a fake volunteer that chooses to scam vulnerable people at a time like this, I will personally break both of your legs, post “name and shame” photos of you along your street, and then ask for mercy at the court later.
Does that work for everyone?
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