Food Is Medicine

Food Is Medicine

5th April 2019 Uncategorised 0

What really is food? A lot that is presented as food these days can’t really be said to be healthy and wholesome. Good nutritious food is seen more and more as the preserve of the better-off, for those who can afford to pay for quality. This is not necessarily true… anyone who has learned the Ayurvedic system of cookery can tell you that excellent food can be prepared relatively cheaply. But for most people, healthy meals on a daily basis are out of reach for all sorts ofreasons, be it lack of time to cook, lack of proper facilities in cramped accommodation, lack of money, or lack of energy due to physical or mental health issues.

Good food is medicine, a point well understood in Ayurveda, where the ingredients used have proven benefits for health. Mung dal, for instance, has been declared a “superfood”, whereas root spices such as turmeric and ginger can protect the immune system and aid the digestive process. Food For All produces 2,000 such Ayurvedic medicinal preparations each day and distributes them for free to anyone that is hungry.

Food For All Recipe
(serves thousands)

1. Boil a massive pot half full of water
2. Pour in numerous sacks of mung dal
3. Heat many tins of ghee in a giant wok
4. Add a carefully proportioned quantity of seeds such as mustard, cumin and coriander, and spices such as asafoedita and turmeric to the hot ghee
5. Pour the spice mix into the pot and stir with a huge wooden paddle
6. Add whatever vegetables have been donated along with salt and pepper
7. Meanwhile boil a LOT of rice in two giant steamers
8. Complete the preparation with an act of gratitude, by chanting the mantra to offer the first taste of the food to our teachers, in their absence
9. Empty the vegetables and rice into thermal boxes ready for distribution
10. Serve out to a lot of hungry people