A Report From Sunny Blackpool

A Report From Sunny Blackpool

23rd March 2019 Uncategorised 0

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A report from Gadai Gauranga Prabhu….

We have been operating in Blackpool for the past 20 months. We distribute hot soup and bread in the town centre to the homeless community 3 nights a week, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. We also help out at an outdoor soup kitchen on a Monday evening run by a Christian group called the Street Angels.

We will be taking delivery of a soup trike in the next week to ten days, which we will send pictures of when it arrives.

We are part of two multi agency homeless support groups The Rough Sleepers Group and The Homeless Partnership, one run by the council and one run by a charity called Fulfilling Lives. Other agencies involved include the local Council, Salvation Army, Blackpool Police, the local food bank and several other agencies involved in working with the homeless in the area. These groups meet regularly to coordinate and support each others efforts.

We are also part of Time To Change mental health hub, another council run multi agency group which includes Lancashire Mind, and several other agencies concerned with mental well being in the area. We have been involved in several collaborations promoting healthy diet and meditation as effective tools to assist mental well being.

We recently have been selected to take part in a think tank with Lancaster University, Blackpool Council and Claremont First Steps mental health charity to diagnose the social, economic and environmental issues surrounding the homeless issue in Blackpool which we will receive some funding for participating in.

We also run regular philosophical discussion groups, kirtan programs and once a month we run a mantra jam (kirtan played in a western style with guitars, bass etc.)

Kindest regards, your servant in sunny Blackpool